Pumpkin Spice and Everything nice! Avatar of the week

Yes, yes you read that well #AvataroftheWeek is dressing up for Halloween starting this Monday, October 1st, 2018 until October 26th (included)!

On October 31th the best out of the best will be chosen by staff and awarded 300 Globals!

Since the theme is Halloween, choose your scariest, most fun or crazy Halloween Costume and have some fun taking the Dress-up challenge pictures!

3D Image: Amazona

          *Basics are the same but read them carefully, they are important.

  • #Dressup for Halloween
  • Take a snapshot, posing or doing something crazy or silly..or nothing at all even 😉
  • Post it to Twinity’s Facebook Page here
  • Write #AvatarOfTheWeek Halloween and your Twinity profile URL (so we know exactly who to give the goodies to 😉 when you win)
  • Ask your friends to Vote for it (Likes, Loves, Wow). Shares count too! Your friends’ votes will make up 60% of the decision the rest is up to Staff.
  • Post only one image so it’s easier for your friends to vote)


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