50’s Film Events

On Fifties Friday enjoy Cocktail Vernissage at the Altes Museum Miami “Doo Wop Diner” opening, a film quiz, a „Movie Star“ edition of R U HOT or just “Bop Your Bum Off” dance event . Just look at our Event Calendar for all the events going on during the weekend! If you are feeling creative, you can also take part …

Create your own virtual Movie!

Now you can look like James Dean in our new retro collection! Give your own place a Fab 50s feel with cool classic furniture items, or style your avatar like your favorite star! See all the lookalikes of young Marlon Brando or Grace Kelly and dance some swing at the opening party.

Linkin Park gallery

Check out this video from ristinw for the Linkin Park gallery in Virtual Berlin.

Ride through London

With virtualnerworkers and their bike ride through the streets of London at night.

Fun with words

I had no idea people chatted so much while dancing. 😉 Hat tip to virtualnerworkers for posting the video.