Ideas for your Twinity 3D Artwork

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in our Twinity Artwork post (link to post) below you will find a few ideas to inspire you if you want to start creating artwork to show your Twinity life and 3Dexperiences.

Your artwork can be about anything you like in any color you like, these are just ideas in case you need a bit of inspiration.


#3D Artwork Eo

For example, in November, we posted a lovely image for “All Soul’s Day” by Eo.

World Peace Day, Stop The Violence Day, Human Rights Day , Bubble Bath Day , National Hugging , Day Chinese New Year , National Pie Day (Yum!), Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day , New Year’s Eve , Hanukkah Hanukkah , Christmas, Bastille Day (France) (French Revolution 1789), Friendship Day , International Women’s Day , St. Patrick’s Day , Anniversary of Campfire Boys and Girls, April Fool’s Day , Good Friday , Easter, Astronomy Day , Earth Day, Cinco De Mayo , Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, World Environment Day, Video Games Day, Ash Wednesday, Love Your Pet Day, National Children’s Day, Trick or Treat ~ It’s Halloween , All Saint’s Day, Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day.

Happy Holidays!
The Twinity Team.