Arrr-gust International Pirate’s Month

Huzzah and shiver me timbers! Celebrating International Pirate’s Day with a dress-up challenge! Starting today and until August 31 included, dress up as pirates and most of all have fun! Post your pirate pictures on Twinity’s Facebook Page with the hashtag: #AugustisAPiratesMonth so we know you’re entering the challenge. Rules are pretty simple:Only post one picture per dayOnly post with …

3D Fashion Contest

Hello everyone, As the title says, there is a new contest happening in Twinity. So we thought, there is no way this won’t be fun, right?Theme of the contest is Outfit of the Day  or OOTD – everyone likes a good abbreviation 😉 Other creators are welcome to contribute for special bonus. The rules are simple and they go exactly like this: Send a …

Cheerleader of the Day: Evolast

We have found today this amazing picture of Mr Evolast dress for success to be our Cheerleader of the Day! Great outfit Evolast, now we know you will do anything to cheer Twinity and that’s why we adore you! <3 😀

Cheerleader of the Day: Blanca

This weekend we are rewarding the best Twinileaders that post pictures on Twinity’s Facebook site 🙂  Here Blanca shows us her skills as cheerleaders and we love it! GO GO GO Blanca, you just earned 100 Globals!

Avatar of the Day: Gillie

We just caught an amazing busineswoman at work! We visited Gillie and found her with her 2 laptops really really busy! No wonder: she is dealing with 3 amazing shops at the moment: Gillie Design, Gillie’s Condo and Gillie’s Curtain Shop! Check her motto: “Never too many shoes”. She is definitely the woman for the job!

Avatar of the Day: Sapphirerose

Today Sapphirerose showed us her place and told us about her project for a Twinity event series and we are thrilled! We also adore her outfit designed by Mistic!

Avatar of the Day: Xara in NYC!

We love this picture of Xara exploring Twinity’s New York City and hiding behind a bush 😀 We must admit, NYC looks specially magic after the sunset! Post your best pictures to be Twinity’s Avatar of the Day and win Globals!

Avatar of the Day: Brittany

Brittany supports the Love is louder initiative in Twinity too! She is now working really hard for the next event to promote the idea and invites you to attend and spread the word! We will keep you posted about the event!

Avatar of the Day: Joan

Joan discovered soon where to find a nice hot dog in Twinity’s New York City and since then she couldn’t stop smiling! Have you already visited our new city?

Free item of the day

The free item of the day today is for the ladies! Check out the “Dress Celeb Flower black gold” dress! (