Avatar of the Day: Brittany

Brittany supports the Love is louder initiative in Twinity too! She is now working really hard for the next event to promote the idea and invites you to attend and spread the word! We will keep you posted about the event!

Social Media Release: Virtual New York opens in Twinity!

3D online social community Twinity, the virtual world based on real people and real cities, has the ribbon cutting for the opening of its second US metropolis: Virtual New York. People from all over the world can now visit and even live in the city online 24/7. Berlin, 22 October 2010 – Twinity, the virtual world based on real people …

Twinity’s Awards Ceremony

When you explore Twinity, you find the creative work and contributions of other Twinizens again and again. The world just wouldn’t be the same without the creativity of its members, and some deserve a little extra credit for being true innovators and caring about their fellow Twinizens. This Sunday at 19:00 CET, we are going to honor these Twinizens at …

Become a Mentor

Become a Twinity mentor and learn how to help other Twinizens. Think back to the days when you were new in Twinity and didn’t know how to get around: the welcome tutorial is a big help for learning the first steps, but to truly understand and engage with the eclectic world of Twinity, there is no better way than to …

Community Training

For those who want to do something serious in Twinity, we now offer a new set of jobs! From Shopping Assistant to Journalist, there is something for almost every interest! You can start working and refilling your Globals account now – just attend the Major Jobs Tutorial where Monica will tell you all the details! For all the creative Twinizens …

Avatar of the Day: Nadia

Yesterday was Nadia’s 1st Twinibirthday! In one year Nadia has made great friends and she has become one of the best Twinity Photographers! After her improvided Birthday Party, she headed to Miami Beach for Mish and Charlie’s Rock N Roll Party, where this picture was taken 😀 Congratulations Nadia, we have extremely enjoyed this year with you!

Avatar of the Day: Peppermintpattie

Peppermintpattie visited yesterday the Twinicars Shop and once she got her ride, she went directly to Miami! The car matches her wings, so Pepper: in case you win tomorrow’s London Racing Series, you would definitely be the cutest winner ever!

Featured neighborhood of the week

If your starter apartment doesn’t give you enough space to do all you want, why not set up housekeeping at your own bigger place in one of our cities – these places in Miami would make an excellent start! Get your own apartment in Miami

Featured items of the week

To help you deck out your new starter apartment, Twinity offers you a broad range of interiors and furniture. Check out these three shops to get an overview, or join a guided shopping tour. The Living Room furniture shop The Palm Leaf furniture shop The Baroque furniture shop

Find the dark in the light

Even the lightest of people has a little spot of darkness somewhere inside, and our new Vampire Village area allows you to let it out to run wild. Last week we released our first Vampire/Gothic collection, and this week we have even more dark items for you. Be sure to check out the new items, as well as the Scavenger …