Free Item of the Day: Sunglasses Dorette White

Hey girls, we are talking with you! Do you know that you can save 25 Globals buying today a pair of Sunglasses Dorette White? Hurry up it is free item of the day time at Boutique Viola.

Free Item of the Day: Umbrella Goths

The Vampire Weekend is passed by, but we know you loved it! That is why we are offering you the Umbrella Goths as free item of today. You can find the item at Dungeon of Goths.

Shop opening: Vampire village

Welcome into the land of Dracula, the place of undeads. Enjoy the experience of the old village and discover mysterious places, but be careful… Come to Vampire Village! Shop opening today at 15.00 (Berlin time)

New Shopping tour with new free items in every shop

A new Shopping tour is ready for you! It has been designed for you to give a more comprehensive Twinity shopping experience. The tour in 18 steps introduces you to our finest boutiques in Berlin, London, Singapore and Miami; different kind of shops and styles to have a full view of the offer in Twinity. In every shop you’ll find …