Avatar of the Day: Sunshine

Sunshine was walking around St. Paul’s Cathedral just on time for the sunset looking stunning! If you like her diva sunglasses, you can find them in the Most Wanted SHOP! And if you want to become Twinity’s Avatar of the Day, a Party Queen or King or even own the best apartment in Twinity, check our new Contest section on …

Maxping on Virtual London

Here’s the link and some commentary: After being expanded so many times, Twinity might deserve a test drive from Maxping staff. Unless one of our readers is willing to help us here? It is interesting to see how real world model works in a virtual setting. Usually copies do not work well, but they have certain value – they are …

Sered at Koinup on London’s expansion

Here’s the link to Sered’s comments and the photo gallery. Due to time constraints I can’t make it to all of these but I sure hope to catch at least a bit of the party! A few snapshots can already be found here. Enjoy!

Hiperia3D News on the expansion of Virtual London

Featured here at Hiperia3D News. From the interiors of St Paul’s Cathedral, a live show from ‘Dimitri from Paris’ to a weekend full of events, there will be something for everybody in Virtual London.

We have just updated Twinity!

Dear Twinizens, We have just updated to a new version of Twinity! Here is an overview of the new fixes: – Giving gifts to multiple people is now improved and  you can also drag and drop gifts. – Fullscreen mode now supports various screen proportions – try it out, Twinity in fullscreen is a different experience! – Once again, you …

Avatar of the Day: Lacey

We caught Lacey being the Queen of Weekend Club tonight in Berlin! She has been working hard on new clothes designs and the result has only one adjective possible: FIERCE! You can also party up in Weekend Club, one of the most exciting clubs in real and virtual Berlin!

Results of our last poll about virtual London

From our last poll: [poll id=26] Looks like most of you are impressed with Virtual London – excellent to hear! We’ve still got more planned for it. As always, stay tuned. And if you voted “Needs work,” please let us know your thoughts on how to improve it.

Avatar of the Day: Cutiebear

Cutiebear in front of the Big Ben! She is a brand new therian discovering virtual London, but she is already showing her taste in clothes around. If you like what Cutiebear is wearing, have a look in “The Punk Rock Store” in Twinity!

Dardo opens

Koinup has covered the opening of the Dardo Photography Gallery in Twinity. A mirror world like Twinity is a perfect venue for art like this. Just give the Twinity client some time to load the pictures; you’ll enjoy the result! Here’s the Dardo Gallery in-world.