Due to recent hardware issues, the servers will be kept offline for the time being. During this time, connecting to the website or the client will not be possible. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience!

Please know our teams are working hard to get everything up and running, and we will update you in the next few days with the latest information. Please sit tight! 👍

Update November 23, 2021
Correction on the information provided on November 17. At the time Twinity data was moved to new backup servers.

Tech support is still waiting on the new servers to be provided so they can start the work of moving it across and setting it up.

That is all the information we have at this moment. As soon as we have anything new we will be updating this post.

Update November 17, 2021
The information provided by the initial server provider is now being transferred and unpacked and set up to the new servers.

Our colleagues from tech support informed us that this can be a lengthier process – they have taken measures to speed it up however for the time being we don’t have a fixed ETA.