New Items: Martial Arts store

Wondering what martial arts are and how beneficial they can be? Come to our new Martial Arts store opening event on April 01, 4pm CET. Learn the basics of martial arts with our new animations, dress in the right outfit to organize a match and don’t forget to participate in a tea ceremony. Practicing both tea and martial arts helps …

New items and Jobs

Everyday the Shop Manager is adding new items in the 2D shop, an easy way to find them is typing NEW in the search bar of our catalog, you will discover an amazing list of clothes, animations and furnishings. Stay online and check the latest trends! There is also a new Job we are offering you: the Coolhunter job. This …

Free Item @ 0.4

Today we are promoting a free item made by a couple of users available in 0.4 Shop in the Loco Motion department. Check the Lirelax animation, it is free!

New Items in the Carnival shop

Our new Carnival shop is sponsored by Twinity and its users with unique costumed characters, animations and decorations! Thanks to Björn and Viktor you will see the most amazing items! Buy the official carnival items in Twinity, dress up and masquerade for the ultimate celebration of fun. Come to the Opening Party

Advertisement in World

Dear Twinizens, Are you a Commercial Member already and you want to promote your shops in Twinity? We give you the opportunity to advertise your business in Twinity’s common areas so your places gain exposure and your business reaches many more Twinizens. Check the standard price list to decide which strategy fits your business’ needs and contact us with an …

The Red Carpet is on Sale

Only for one week all the Items in The Red Carpet Shop will be at 50% off sale! Go and be a celebrity!

Twinity Update

We’ve just applied an update. This update contains several changes including the following: Promo-Global control for shop-owners both on the website and in-game Right-click on any object you own now shows the number of polygons Fixes to the in-world shop system Removed “zzz” from chat bubble if you are afk Preview renderer for shop-items fixed

Items of the week

Someone said in a famous movie: “A Twinizen who doesn’t spend time with his Twinity family can never be a real Twinizen.” Check out our new Mafia collection, consisting of: Sicilian coppola, guns, rifles and cigars. Say hello to my little friend! Visit Little Italy now!

The Virtual Explorer and Anna’s Game World Blog

We want to welcome The virtual Explorer and Anna’s Game Wold Blog to our Blogroll! Thank you guys for your latest post featuring Twinity, the virtual Checkpoint Charlie, the Daily Quiz Game event and user’s shops. Check them both, specially if you are into history or you are Swedish 😛