My Little Beach-House Getaway Virtual World Decorating Contest

Guest Post By: Eo


For those unfamiliar yet with this contest here’s a link that will explain it all My Little Beach-House Getaway

The story…

After about two weeks in which Elz Zee, Twinity and myself visited wonderful #SummerDestinations submitted by Twinizens , the time came to choose the winner and let me tell, it was no easy task!

None of the submitted properties were your classical #BeachHouse. Each one was everything you could imagine a Beach House should be… and more!

One thing was clear, each and every one has a unique style for both exterior and interior design. 

From clear simple lines to fantasy accents… each place felt to us like the type of place that whether a #VirtualLocation or an #InReal one , you could do anything there. A little bit of everything you need for entertaining inside and out because in the end…this is what virtual worlds are all about .. experiencing your dreams, your fantasies, even your hopes.

But enough about that..The winner is.. Sunshine Beach!!!

  Suz (the owner of Sunshyine Beach) will receive the “Twinity Builder” badge and 350 Globals! As part of the prize Sunshine Beach will be featured as the first Summer Destination for June!

The #machinima is a little sneak-peek of the place but we encourage everyone to go visit and make sure you sign the guestbook and rate the place!


Until our next contest,

Happy Summer everyone!