New release is out – lots of new stuff.

Dear Twinizens,
You can find lots of exciting new stuff in our newest release! Not all is perfect yet and more needs to be done but we are excited.
As always we value your feedback (, comments here or on fb, twitter, etc.). Please do let us know what you think.
Here’s a list of new features:
– New interactive Tutorial
– New interactive Welcome Tour that will help all new VISITORS become RESIDENTS.
– Group message board – now you can leave messages for other group members
– You can signup for events with our new „Attend“-Button
– Search for places has been improved
– You can now pay for your apartment rent or buy globals with Paypal
– We have improved the Collada upload functionality. However, it is still an early beta – bear with us for more improvement to come.
You will also find sopme new UI elements
– New Groups UI – check out who’s a member, leave messages, etc.
– New Events UI – a calendar and much more now included.
– New User profile UI – You can now check if you and any other Twinizens have friends in common, friends lists, etc.
– New exit sign – we have changed our exit signs – WDYT?

Please also check out our new Welcome Area!
Have fun,

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  1. Now that you’ve made this great leap forward, I think that the next step is to start promoting Twinity heavily through banner advertisement and paid sponsorship at various websites, especially those specializing in gaming and technology. You can’t rely on press releases, Facebook, YouTube, media attention, and the blogosphere alone to recruit new members. You have to promote Twinity in the traditional way (internet-based advertising) as well, since your target demographic are most likely surfing gaming or techie sites like Gamespot and Sony’s The Station.

    Another thing I’d like to suggest is to change the front page of Twinity. It doesn’t nearly go far enough in telling the uninitiated *what* precisely they can do there: that they can open shops, hold events of all kinds, DJ parties, run classes, open galleries, rent or buy an apartment, etc. You can’t just put something as vague as “live, work, or play” as a form of enticement, because sad to say, most users lack the imagination to figure out what they can do in an open-ended world like this. They have to be literally led by the hand and told, “You can do THIS. You can do THAT.” Otherwise, they just log onto the world, observe what’s going on for a few minutes, then whine and complain that it’s “boring” or that there’s nothing to do, even though there’s plenty to do.

    Also, this vague sell is not targeting the very audience who are the most likely to choose Twinity over other worlds. If you noticed, the only people who seem to have stuck with Twinity through thick and thin are socialites, entrepreneurs, and artisans– people who enjoy holding events, throwing parties, meeting people, creating clubs and other types of establishments, opening shops, and making objects. This is a big clue as to who is more likely to remain a loyal user of Twinity. By not appealing to this type of person, you’re losing out on recruiting members, I think.

    At any rate, as a fan of Twinity, I’m glad to see that you’re finally making great strides this year. Just know, however, that technological improvements are half the battle; there’s the promotional side, as well as the art of retaining visitors.


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