News from the Development Department

Last week we were fully focused on improving our crash rate, a new engine core version is currently in testing that will fix a number of crashes. We still do not understand the reason for all of the crashes and freezes, but we look at every single crash-dump you send us to get to the bottom of the problems.

Next week we plan a big release which will include the new engine core plus a number of new features around groups, events, member profile, chat and simplified interaction with objects in world. We’ll work hard to deliver a smooth release and will spend this week mostly on testing and bug-fixing.

In the next weeks we will finish an exiting new tool, that will allow you to build any floor-plan you like in Twinity. We would like to do a little closed beta test with it, before releasing it to everyone. If you like to help us test and improve the tool, please send a mail to

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