Sharing some of our thoughts

Prompted by two posts on the Twinity Monitor about the demise of and asking about the Therians, I wanted to share some of our plans for Twinity.

The posts bring up some points, and I think the easiest way to respond is point by point, so here goes. Please understand that I’m only going to address each of these things only briefly. Our actions and further updates over time will show how we actually carry through with our plans.

Mistake 1: Lack of Development or Special Events

I think you’ll see that our events calendar is pretty active. We also strongly encourage Twinizens to become active, become developers if you like, throw your own events, as mentioned here!

So we’ll be holding special info and tutorial sessions on how to upload 3D models, create shops or throw your own events in Twinity.

And I hope that our recent history of improved quality in Twinity shows that we’re actively developing. You’ll see updates frequently.

Mistake 2: Too Expensive

Regarding this one, let us know your thoughts.

Mistake 3: Developer Program Cost Money and Was Too Restrictive

As mentioned before, we’re actively seeking new developers, and currently doing a lot to make it east and cost-effective to get up and running as a Twinity developer. Give it a look, and remember you can always contact partner[at] with any questions about the programs.

Mistake 4: Allowing Pollution

Twinity has always had a clear line between public and private spaces. We hope that this balance will help us to avoid this type of situation.

Mistake 5: Damaging policies and development changes and Mistake #6: Stubborn refusal to listen to new ideas

Regarding this one, I don’t have much to say. We’re very open to feedback. If, at any time, you feel that we’re not listening, you’re free to let me know personally. Comment here or in our forums, and address the comment to me, Jeremy, directly.

Thereians are Entrepreneurs; Thereians are Creative People; Thereians are Outdoorsy and On the Go; Thereians Don’t Like to Be Ignored

Any former Therians, new Twinizens – any additional thoughts on those points?

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that suggests that those points are all true. To that end, as we mentioned in the welcome package, we’re trying to empower that entrepreneurial spirit and creativity as much as possible. We’re also in the process of increasing our support coverage to try to make sure we’re catching all the feedback coming in.

In summary, I really, really appreciate the analysis, and we hope that we can continue to show you that we’re doing our best at listening to your feedback and meeting your requests in Twinity. We know we’re not perfect, and we know we have a ways to go and lots of room to improve to provide even better service, even more creativity, fun and excitement, and we ask you to join us (and to be reasonably patient 😉 ) in the journey there!

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  1. Hello!

    I did not know until i’ve heard about its end – so I can only comment about the contemporary state of twinity.
    My English is not perfect – but I hope, you understand… 😉

    “Lack of Development or Special Events”
    Twinity IS developing – but from a user’s point of view, it’s developing quite slowly. The last update brought a great progress in some relevant aspects, I think. But – in my eyes – still some essential developments are missing – especially contributions to a more “lively” atmosphere (e.g. traffic and weather outside, light-effects and “artificial fog” in clubs, …)

    “Too Expensive”
    No. And… uhm… no. 😉
    The contemporary costs and also the plannings for the future (as known so far to me) are okay.

    “Allowing Pollution”
    That’s a point I’m personally affected by – I placed some imported models that are buggy and cannot remove them anymore (bug reports have been made of course – and got answered already by the team). I think there should be more restrictions concerning the file-size of own models and the range, they can be placed in “outside” of the flats – to avoid (unwanted) pollution inside private spaces.
    The prohibitation of own models in public spaces seems to be a good idea.

    “Stubborn refusal to listen to new ideas”
    I don’t think this is true for the twinity-team. But I wished, the support-forums would be commented and guided a little bit more by the team… Sometimes I don’t know, if anyone bothers about the suggestions and reports made there by users at all.

    All in all, twinity seems to be on a good way and is fun to play even now in BETA – despite of some still annoying points.

  2. @Winterstolz, thanks so much for your comments.

    your feedback on the pace of development has been heard. we’ve been discussing and analyzing to see what we can do to improve there. we’ll try to update you when we’re ready to share more information on that.

    regarding your buggy models, our support team can always help you sort those out. find them in-world or email us 🙂

    we’d also like our forums, or the comments here on our blog, to be a bit livlier. although the good side is that most of the action is in-world!

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