Twinity Behavior: Public vs Private Places

We are often asked why, since Twinity is an application for adults only, people cannot behave any way they want any place they want. This is intended to answer that question, and remind everyone about the differences that exist.

We are a global community made up of members from many different countries, ages, religions and ethnic groups. What is perfectly normal to someone else might be highly offensive to you, or vice versa. As a global community, we strive to provide an environment that everyone can enjoy. We accomplish this with the concept of real estate.

This Place Information screen shows how public Twinity run places appear inworld

There are 2 types of places in Twinity – public Twinity run locations, and private Twinizen real estate. You can tell which type a place is by looking at the place information screen. Public locations can be recognized by being owned by Real Estate Agent and having no tenant, and private locations are owned or rented by individual Twinizens.

This shows a private location that is rented by a Twinizen

In most cases, Twinizen property holders decide what is and is not acceptable to them in their places and are able to enforce those decisions using the kick, lock and block functions. The most notable exception to this is the flagging/locking requirements for places with adult content, but in general we try to give Twinizens the freedom to run their places as they see fit as much as possible.

This example shows how private places owned by Twinizens can be recognized

Twinity run public places need to be kept free of objectionable behavior as much as possible to allow for the differences between us and offer places where everyone can feel comfortable. To give you a better idea of the kinds of things the community objects to, we have compiled a list of behavior that is most often reported by our members: Swearing, insults/name calling, occupying space another avatar is already in, hate speech, sexually related comments/actions, confrontations/arguments in the public chat, and behavior specifically intended to be disruptive or offensive. The community has made it clear that they do not like these things, so they need to be avoided in public areas.

Having both types of places available for people to enjoy allows everyone to visit the places that suit their needs at any given time, which results in more enjoyment for everyone regardless of their background and personal behavior standards.

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