Update on Unattended Events

We made some changes to how we deal with events, more specifically unattended events are no longer allowed.
The purpose of the events calendar is to promote hosted, active & engaging events for the whole community to enjoy and unattended events are none of that. Like someone having a party in RL , you get there, ring the bell and nobody’s home, no fun right?!

Most of you have probably seen the in-world pop-ups for unattended events and hopefully the Forum Post about that too.But if you’re not someone that digs forums too much and you just happened to miss the in-world announcements, we want to make sure the info reaches you.

So when you post an event make sure you can be there to welcome your guests in-virtual, have fun, make some new in-world friends and be the best host you can be! Remember there are a bunch of badges and trophies you can win for it too!

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