Virtual World EasterHunt

This Easter… Follow the bunny, he has the chocolate!!  And so we did, we follow the Easter Bunny all the way to the zoo! Chris & Christien’s Zoo that is.

Catching it was no easy job. Running around, up and down while getting distracted by a dancing wolf here, a rawr-ing tiger there, a monkey pulling a lion’s ears…  Now you’d think a Zoo is probably not the first place you would consider spending your Easter at but when others go #egghunting and you just want the bunny with the #eastercandy, you will follow the trail of chocolate !

Eventually we caught the #easterbunny and got the chocolate, learned some dance new moves too… erm maybe it takes a bit of practice though 😉 Still, how can one focus on the task at hand with so many awesome distractions, I mean not that we’re easily distr.. oh look Flamingoes !

We had an awesome time here and on Easter on not, we encourage you to visit this place, don’t forget to rate and sign the guestbook. But before we go we have to also mention that while we had the adventure, the artwork was prepared by a Twinizen. Many thanks!

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But whatever you decide to do this Easter day, have a happy one!! 🙂