World Environment Day in 3D Online Virtual World Twinity – New Items!

Go Green in 3D! How  and where will you celebrate World Environment Day?

Since it’s Twinity we’re talking about and we are a online mirror world, I’d say it’s the best place to celebrate a day dedicated to our planet and I know you wonderful Twinizens are loving this. A new reason to get together and party.. not that we really need reasons for that in Twinity ;]

And since it’s the celebration of the planet, besides the many awesome ways you can give back, like taking public transportation,  recycle, turning off the lights, how about turning off the lights and turning on Twinity ;].

World Environment Day

Let yourself be inspired by this great occasion, check out the new World Environment “Green” ;] items we have in Twinity and show us how you see nature by decorating  a space that speaks of you and Twinity in World Environment Day, then.. what else, throw a party to show off! ;]

Find the items in 3D, by searching New Env in the catalog and amaze us with your decorating skills and imagination.

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