3D Fashion in Virtual Worlds

Hello everyone,

From Virtual Worlds Sightseeing to Virtual Worlds Fashion. We were inspired by the latest 3D Fashion event being organized, featuring a number of wonderful 3D designers present in Twinity. The event is Ka’s World of Fashion held at Club Eclipse in Twinity.

VW 3D Fashion Show

3D Image guidance by Eo

We say it was about time we touched the subject of VW Fashion and all the events that are happening around that in Twinity.

Fashion Show 2

3DPhoto guidance by Eo

Whether you’re getting ready to walk down a Virtual Catwalk or designing 3D clothes to wearing the latest virtual trends this is the place to be. Endless surprises & great ways to customize your 3D avatar with virtual clothing and accessories designed for and by Twinity players.



3D Photography Sandra Rubio


Or create your own clothes, accessories and your own 3Denvironments, like Sandra so wonderfully does. 🙂 Once in, we just know you will want to dress-up or create designs for all of your styles, make the look you are after.  A new looks, a new you, every day!

Fashion Show 1

3D Image design by Eo

Show off your style and creations in fabulous, glamorous 3D Fashion Events and be ready for a lot of attention when you do! Can we RSVP ahead of time? 😉

Thank you Eo and Sandra for the wonderful images used in this post.

Until next time VW travelers,

Happy exploring!