Halloween 2018 property sale offers

Let me sum it up then I’ll give you the details because it’s all super exciting!!!

At the end of this post you’ll find out how you can get a property from Twinity with a 13 EUR discount.

However you choose to celebrate Halloween, in real or virtual but I’d say, both especially if you really love this holiday it’s the perfect time to come up with some awesome spellbinding ideas for cocktails and foods but especially dress-up costumes and decor!

3DImage: Eo

The best part of it all is that, it’s all not just for one day, well… especially for October 31st of course but the fun starts early when you’re celebrating Halloween. As early as you’d like really but let’s keep it within bounds and say last week of October?… naaah let’s think a bit bigger and start , well… now!

And how else should we start better than giving those that love to throw wickedly cool #Halloween #Parties a chance to do so in a brand new location they can decorate and play with to their hearts content!

Here’s what we have in mind, for properties you purchase through Support.

  • Properties of over 65 EUR get a 13 EUR discount
  • Properties of over 80 get a 13 EUR discount + A king Size upgrade for a property of your choice.

All you have to do is email support with the URL or the name of the property you want to purchase and get the quote and/ or the sale offer.

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