‘Tis the season – VW Photo Contest

‘Tis the season to celebrate and rejoice with family and friends – on and off Twinity

‘Tis the time to dress your avatar in festive clothes.

While you go shopping IRL, while you decorate the tree, while you prepare your holiday meals, take a photo with your phone, upload it in Twinity in a frame and pose your avatar in front of it, then upload that image to your Twinity profile and, or to your Facebook account or Twitter and send us the link(s).

Like this in front of a frame that has an image from RL.


3D Image: Amazona

Or like this. Take a photo of your avatar in a Twinity enviornment in VW.


3D Image: Amazona

‘Tis the time to enter that photo (or multiple photos) in this contest and win prizes.
We will pick 3 favorites and award them 2500 Globals each!

Contest guidelines:
**Contest is open starting today through December 24th

**Links must be sent to Globals@twinity.com from your Twinity account’s email address.

**Photos must be at a General Audience level, which means no AP content of any kind.