Cruise Ship 3D Palmadora

Hello everyone!


Title says it all. We spent some time cruising around the Island of Palmadora in 3D Ibiza.

If you like luxurious views and treatment this is for you Cruise Ship Palmadora!


This is another awesome idea for your 3D Summer holiday. Destinations ideas! Spend some time enjoying the brilliant sun, lounging by the pool on the ship or take a walk, play some tennis on one of the ship’s tennis courts. Enjoy the view of the island with it’s majestic fortress guarding the area, the 3D amusement park , the island’s residents get to enjoy.


After a hot day, allow yourself to relax with a cool drink, by the pool, enjoy smooth tunes and the beautiful night sky and sea air!


With friends or on your own, you will love every second spent in this place! Whether you spend time by the pool or have a chance to catch a 3Dconcert on our Rocking The Metaverse stage on the main deck. But better than us telling you how you can enjoy it, have a look for yourself if you haven’t already. Sign the guestbook and let us know what you think!


Enjoy the 3D Sightseeing virtual traveler! 😉